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The By-Way Guest House in Ord

The By-Way Guest House at approximately 100 years old is one of the oldest homes in the town of Ord.

Originally built by Charles Milford, a merchant in Ord, is an example of a Cataloge home from Sears and Roebuck.

Purchased from Bill Misko Sr. the home has been In Elinor Koelling’s family for 60 years. Elinor turned the home into The By-Way Guest House in 2000.

The By-Way Guest House is a wonderful example of 1900’s architecture with it’s wrap around porch and open, spacious rooms where the whole family participated in the daily activities. Original bath fixtures add to the feeling of stepping back in time to when life was much slower. The rooms on the second floor all have transoms which allowed air to move freely through the house keeping it cool. The house also had a full basement which has been turned into the Captains’ Quarters and Chartroom.